Flip Alternatives: 5 Great Pocket Video Cameras

Ok, maybe the Flip is no more but there are other products out there more than capable to take it’s place as this link proves

Flip Alternatives: 5 Great Pocket Video Cameras


Flip Video RIP

It is with great sadness that we have received news that the Flip video camera will be no more…deceased…an ex-video camera. Whilst it is a blow for us Flip users, the reasons for the decision make some sense, and indeed our own observation of the students during the D-TRACES project support the announcement, i.e. students were happily using their mobile phones to capture video. A pity in many ways since the Flip was so simple; yes it had drawbacks in terms of camera functions but one-button click, easy video transfer & editing and YouTube integration meant for ease of use – something mobile phone manufacturers will have to match, and I’m not convinced they’re there yet.

Here is the email I received this week with full details of the implications:

Dear David,

Cisco recently announced that it will be exiting the Flip business and support customers and partners with a transition plan.  Cisco will continue its focus and commitment to deliver best in class solutions that extend the network as a platform, from businesses into the home through its Linksys products and consumer TelePresence solutions with ūmi.  

Cisco wants to thank you for being a loyal and enthusiastic Flip Video user. Many of you have inquired about what is going to happen to Flip in the future, if FlipShare software will still work and if will we support you in the use of your Flip. We have many of these answers for you and will continue to provide updates on our website at www.theflip.com.

Flip Support:
First, we want everyone to know that if you own a Flip or are considering buying one, we will continue to support you within the terms of our warranty which is 1 year from purchase date (United Kingdom).   For customers that have issues that are not covered by our warranty or that are outside their warranty period, Cisco will continue to provide support for a nominal fee until 12/31/2013. E-Support will also continue to be complimentary and available until 12/31/2013.  Details and updates about our support and service as well as our warranty policy can be found on our website.

Using FlipShare:
FlipShare software will continue to be fully functional and will be supported until 12/31/2013.  After that time Cisco will no longer support the application though it may remain functional as a software for offloading videos, editing, organizing and archiving. Video sharing will no longer be supported past 12/31/2013. Continue to check back here on updates on FlipShare.  

Flip availability:
Flip will continue to be available through our online and in-store retailers while supplies last. If you are looking at buying a video camera – it’s the perfect time to take advantage of the easiest to use video camera in the world! We will continue to honor our support and warranty commitments and FlipShare software as mentioned above.  

The Flip Team:
The teams have been reading your comments from emails and our social media community pages and are touched by the overwhelming number of thoughts and messages.  We hope you will continue to have fun with your Flip video camera, and we appreciate your loyalty and business.

The Flip Video team